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Geriatrics Specialist

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New Wave Physicians Group

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Older adults are more likely to suffer from one or more chronic health conditions and take multiple prescription medications. Geriatrics is an area of medicine that provides comprehensive health care for older adults. New Wave Physicians Group in Spring, Texas, is a primary care practice specializing in geriatrics. Find out more about geriatric care by calling the office or scheduling an appointment online today.

Geriatrics Q & A

What is geriatrics?

Geriatrics is an area of medicine that specializes in the health needs of older adults. Aging affects all body systems, increasing your risk of developing health problems and mobility issues that affect overall health and wellness.

Geriatrics focuses on monitoring and managing your health as you get older and helps you maintain as much independence as possible. 

Who needs geriatrics?

You may benefit from the specialized geriatric care services at New Wave Physicians Group if you have health conditions that impair your physical or cognitive function. Or, you have frailty, which is a condition that occurs with aging, affecting muscle strength and endurance.

You may seek geriatrics if you’re taking care of an older person and can no longer manage their health needs alone. Consulting with the geriatric specialists at New Wave Physicians Group can help you provide better care for your loved one.

Geriatrics at New Wave Physicians Group also benefits families of older adults having a hard time managing their complex medical treatments. 

What happens during geriatrics care?

The specifics of your geriatric care at New Wave Physicians Group depend on your health needs. However, you can expect patient-centered, compassionate care.

During a geriatrics care appointment, your provider assesses your: 


Older adults may struggle with a number of mental health conditions like depression and anxiety related to changes in health or quality of life. When evaluating the mind, your provider also assesses memory and cognition, looking for signs of dementia.


Your provider also evaluates your body’s mobility, flexibility, and strength. Loss of muscle strength and endurance may affect your gait and balance, increasing your risk of falls. 


Your provider at New Wave Physicians Group reviews your list of medications. They look for medications that may interact with each other or cause adverse effects. 

Then, they look for ways to reduce the number of prescriptions you need without affecting your health and well-being. 

Your provider at New Wave Physicians Group also talks to you and your family about your health concerns and needs, designing a plan that keeps you healthy, independent, and safe.

For comprehensive geriatrics care, call New Wave Physicians Group or schedule an appointment online today.